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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Woman flees rapist stepdad but ends up as sex slave


A TWENTY-ONE-year-old woman, who had run away from home after being raped by her stepfather, ended up being a sex slave to a stranger.

She left her village in Kelantan last month, hoping to put the past behind and for better days ahead in Kuala Lumpur. But her search for a job as a shop assistant led her to an even bitter experience.

During her job hunt, she met a stranger in Rawang and followed him home, thinking he was a good Samaritan who had offered to provide her with shelter.

Harian Metro, quoting a source, reported that she was instead locked up in the house and raped repeatedly for a month.

On Wednesday morning, she managed to escape from the house in Bukit Permai, Ampang, when her captor was fast asleep.

Police are hunting for the suspect.

> Harian Metro also reported that there were no indecent photographs or video clips of singer Farawahida stored in the cellphone of well-known composer Julfekar Ahmad, 45.

The 24-year-old singer had lodged a police report accusing Julfekar of threatening to distribute the photographs and video images of her.

A police source revealed that there were no such item found in the mobile phone when the composer surrendered it to the police on Monday.

“Although initial investigations did not find any threatening video clips or SMS messages, the mobile phone will be sent to the forensics department for more checks,” he said.

“We can also get help from the Malaysian Cyber Security Centre to retrieve information that had been deleted from the phone.”

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